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    Home ›› Smart Parenting : How to find your ideal baby monitor

    Home ›› Smart Parenting : How to find your ideal baby monitor

    How to find your ideal baby monitor


    Smart Parenting | 6 min. reading time


    Have the urge to tip toe into your baby's room as they sleep? You're part of the 88% of parents who regularly check if their little one is still breathing. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!

    The good news? Baby monitors give you an easy way to watch the adorable way your baby wriggles before they wake while keeping a constant eye on their wellbeing.

    If you're new to the world of baby monitors, this article will help you:

    • Understand the three main types of monitors
    • Learn about the features that provide extra peace of mind
    • Understand how our new Premium Connected Baby Monitor can help

    Baby monitors 101


    Before you start looking at all the options, it's handy to know that baby monitors fall into three main categories: Audio, Video and Connected. Although they all work differently, their aim is the same: to give you the peace of mind you need to rest when baby rests, or simply go about your day.

    So how do you know which one's right for you? Well, it all depends on what you personally find reassuring. Some parents find that audio monitors, where you can only hear baby, provide enough comfort. Others find they need to see baby as well as hear them to know they're safe and sound, so opt for a video monitor. And some people find more really is more (and better), so prefer a connected monitor with an app that also shows details like breathing rate and sleep status.

    The most reassuring features explained

    Now that you know about the three kinds of monitors, let's take a closer look at the features that give parents the most peace of mind. You'll mostly find these features in connected monitors and some video monitors.

    1. Parent Unit with day and night vision
    Think of the Parent Unit as the dedicated console from where you can keep an eye on baby. Parent Units with night vision mean you'll see baby clearly no matter the time of day. No squinting necessary!

    2. Private connection, with or without Wi-Fi
    It might not be the first thing you think of when comparing features, but knowing you're using a secure connection can help you and other caregivers feel more relaxed. Look for a monitor that uses encryption to protect the connection, and works with or without Wi-Fi.

    3. Sleep and breathing tracking
    Connected monitors, as we've mentioned, often track breathing and sleep. This feature is particularly useful for those of us who find comfort in data and information. Most monitors use an accessory to track sleep and breathing, although some use image-based technology which means that baby doesn't need to wear anything extra.

    4. Cry translation
    Did you know that all babies use the same 5 main cries? That's where cry translation, a feature found in our connected monitors, comes in handy. When baby cries, the monitor will detect it and help you understand if they're tired, gassy, hungry, irritated or uncomfortable. It's especially helpful for other caregivers as well.


    Meet the Philips Avent Premium Connected Baby Monitor


    We believe that every parent deserves to find their own kind of reassurance. So our designers considered all the different ways parents find peace of mind, and all the moments when they need it most—whether you’re at work, having a night to yourselves or just thinking about them in the room next door.

    The result is our new Philips Avent Connected Baby Monitor. Using the Parent Unit or Baby Monitor+ app, you'll see a clear view of baby on HD video, night and day, and gain insights into their wellbeing thanks to SenseIQ wearable-free sleep and breathing tracking. And when baby cries, it detects and translates it as well. It's all there all the time thanks to our Secure Connect System and a connection that works even without Wi-Fi.

    Whether you're the kind of person who loves to dive into the details, or you find that less is more, the three kinds of monitors allow you to find a level of reassurance that best suits you.

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