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    Get comfortable with the
    Philips SmartSleep
    Deep Sleep Headband

    Still haven't gotten one?

    How-to videos

    Wearable headband nightly use video

    Nightly use

    Cleaning video


    App pairing video

    App pairing

    Track your sleep improvement
    with the SleepMapper mobile app

    iPhone 7 Sleep Graph
    The SleepMapper mobile app tracks your sleep patterns over time, measures key metrics and shows the slow wave boost you get from SmartSleep each night.

    Sync the app to your headband each morning to see the enhancement given each night.
    If you are looking for information about CPAP, please visit the Philips DreamMapper site.

    What is the Total Sleep Score? 

    SmartSleep  image
    The Total Sleep Score is an aggregate of several dimensions of your sleep. It includes the total amount of time that you sleep, how long it takes you to fall asleep, the number of awakenings that occur while you sleep and the Sleep Boost. Each component value is either adding to or detracting from your best sleep. We help you to see where this is occurring so that you can actively manage to improve your sleep quality. Getting more total sleep is your best bet to improving your overall total sleep score. 

    Doctor or clinician?

    Click here › to learn more about the science behind SmartSleep

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