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Medium: Head circumference 51 – 58 cm (20.0” – 22.5”)

Large: Head circumference 58 – 66 cm (22.5” – 26.0”)


Medium will be the best choice for most people.

Sizing guide

Directions for finding the correct size:


Place a string or fabric tape measure around your head about 3-4 mm (1/8") above your ear, across the middle of your forehead, completely encircling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. 


If your measurement is below 58cm (22.8") we recommend a medium. If you measure 58cm (22.5”) or higher, we recommend you buy a large. If you are around 58cm, are unsure of your choice and typically wear medium/large hats, we recommend you buy a large.

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