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    Philips SmartSleep

    The science behind the solutions

    For nearly 40 years, we’ve been studying sleep from every angle. We listen to sleepers, partner with sleep experts and have collected billions of nights of sleep data to understand how sleep affects health. Today, our portfolio of sleep products addresses 80%1 of known sleep issues and continues to grow.

    Like food, water, and air, sleep is essential for survival, but its true power often goes untapped.

    SmartSleep Analyzer


    A Philips global sleep health survey2 revealed that 76% of adults experience at least one condition that affects their sleep. The clinically validated3 SmartSleep Analyzer provides a personalized analysis of users’ sleep based on a brief, online questionnaire. In as little as 10 minutes, it can assess your sleep habits and identify your specific sleep challenge.

    • Identifies 0- 3 sleep problems with guidance to a solution for each user
    • Developed in collaboration with internationally esteemed sleep physicians and specialists

    Snoring Relief Band


    Around 90 Million Americans snore with about 50% being primary or simple snorers without having obstructive sleep apnea.4 The Snoring Relief Band is derived from clinical positional therapy that detects when you’re moving onto your back and delivers vibrations that prompt you to sleep on your side.

    • Designed for individuals who snore due to positional issues rather than nasal or throat issues
    • Self-learning algorithm that optimizes vibration levels based on your individual response rate
    • Vibrations are activated by positional detection of movement, not by sound

    Better Sleep Program


    The Better Sleep Program retrains users to fall asleep faster or sleep more soundly6, without medication or supplements. The personalized, 4 to 12-week program, includes guidance from Philips Global Lead for Behavior Change, Mark Aloia PhD, and helps users adopt healthier, new habits.

    • Built on the principles of CBT-I, an effective treatment for those that are unable to fall asleep7
    • The CBT-I app and personal sleep journal work together to retrain your sleep for long-term, sustainable results6
    • Fully customized and personalized with more than 100,000 different program combinations
    • Leverages techniques used by sleep psychologists to provide coaching and boost adherence under the direction of Dr. Mark Aloia, Global Lead for Behavior Change at Philips

    Deep Sleep Headband


    The Deep Sleep Headband is the world’s first clinically proven wearable solution for consumers to improve deep sleep quality. The Headband and mobile app are designed to help people who typically sleep less than 7 hours a night (due to lifestyle) to help achieve better quality sleep, increase energy, and decrease daytime sleepiness throughout the day.8

    • Developed in collaboration with physicians and researchers
    • Philips has developed a closed-loop, EEG-based system to detect deep sleep and use auditory stimulation to enhance slow wave sleep with causing arousals
    • Acoustic stimulation, or sound, is an effective way to enhance slow wave

    Sleep and Wake-up Lights

    Inspired by the sun, this bedside light and alarm clock helps users to wake up more naturally, and is clinically proven to improve general wellbeing after waking up.  New features provide users with a suite of connected, customizable features to help them relax to sleep, wake up naturally and feel well rested.

    • 92% of users agree that it is easier to get out of bed9
    • AmbiTrack sensors monitor temperature, humidity, noise and light factors that might be effecting user’s sleep experience
    • The SleepMapper app creates a new level of connectivity allowing users to set multiple alarms, choose wake-up themes, select light intensity and control sounds

    Obstructive sleep apnea


    Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a chronic syndrome that is estimated to affect up to 7% of the adult population.10 Our sleep therapy systems reflect our commitment to providing exceptional therapy, enhanced patient comfort, and essential compliance tools so important in today's challenging environment. Solutions from Philips include treatment for OSA, including POSA (positional obstructive sleep apnea).

    • Philips Respironics is the #1 choice sleep therapy brand11 of U.S. sleep physicians

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    5 This product is for position-dependent back snorers where snoring ceases when sleeping on their side.

    6 Users who reported trouble sleeping prior to the program

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