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    Console gaming

    Philips Momentum

    Taking console gaming to the next level

      Philips Momentum 55”

      This Philips Momentum 558M1RY is a premium 55” display, combining high-end visuals with sound by the legendary audio experts Bowers & Wilkins.  Perfect for lag-free console gaming, or enjoying your favorite streaming videos (streaming media device sold separately).
      Sound by Bowers & Wilkins

      Momentum is the next evolutionary step for console gaming displays

      The Momentum line-up invites users to experience gaming like never before. These monitors provide console gamers with the latest display innovations, offering an exciting, high-performance alternative to plugging your console into your TV.

      Get in the Moment

      Philips Momentum - Get in the Moment

      The brand new 558M1RY also takes sound to the next level. With built in audio by Bowers & Wilkins it’s the only monitor in the market especially designed for console gaming that offers such a breathtaking sound, so that you don’t miss a single moment of the game.

      Realistic graphics

      The breathtaking 4K UHD resolution delivers near surgical precision. 558M1RY comply with the VESA DisplayHDR 1000 standard, meaning more lifelike vibrant visuals with superior brightness, depth and nuance.

      Uninterrupted action

      FreeSync matches the frame rate of the rendered imagery with the display’s refresh rate, while Low Input Lag reduces the device-to display time for faster visual feedback. Also, 558M1RY reaches up to 120Hz refresh rate, for extra realistic motion.

      Immersive entertainment

      Ambiglow emits a halo of warm light that enlarges the screen and intensifies entertainment. An internal processor analyses image content and continuously adapts the color and brightness of the light to match the image.
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