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    HX9882/12 Philips Sonicare Elite Sonic electric toothbrush
    Please be aware that your product may differ in color from this picture, but the support information is same
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    Philips Sonicare Elite Sonic electric toothbrush


    What is the Easy-start feature on my Philips Sonicare toothbrush?

    Easy-start helps you to get used to electric toothbrushing by gently increasing the brushing power during the first 14 brushing sessions. Find out how to (de)activate Easy-start on your Philips Sonicare toothbrush.

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    Activating or deactivating the Easy-start feature

    1. Place your Sonicare toothbrush on the charger (plugged in)
    2. Activate Easy-start by holding the mode/intensity button and pressing the power button once while on the charger.
    3. The toothbrush will beep twice to confirm it is enabled.
    4. Deactive Easy-start is disabled by holding the mode/intensity button and \pressing the power button once while on the charger.
    5. The toothbrush will beep once to confirm it is disabled.

    NOTE: Your Sonicare toothbrush must be switched on for at least 1 minute during each session to properly move through the Easy-start feature

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HX9882/12 , HX7002/82 , HX7990/02 , HX6911/02 , HX7002/43 , HX7001/11 , HX7012/90 , HX7012/11 , HX7011/90 , HX7011/11 , HX7003/12 , HX7002/90 , HX7002/11 , HX7012/82 , HX9552/02 , HX6902/02 , HX6982/10 , HX6932/10 , HX6942/10 , HX7011/82 , HX7351/02 , HX7003/16 , HX9882/33 , HX7361/72 , HX7001/82 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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