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    Lumea Comfort IPL hair removal system

    For use on body, 22 minutes to treat lower legs, Lifetime >100, 000 light pulses, Compact corded design SC1981/50

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the flashing light of my Philips Lumea safe for my eyes?

    Philips Lumea has been built keeping your safety in mind and does not hurt your eyes.

    Harmless to your eyes

    Philips Lumea has a built-in feature, which prevents it from flashing in the air. This means that the Lumea only flashes when it is in full contact with your skin. 

    The scattered light produced by Lumea is harmless to your eyes. However, we strongly advise not to look directly at the flashlight and to not use Lumea in the area around your eyes.

    Should I wear goggles while using Philips Lumea?

    It is not necessary to wear any glasses or safety goggles while using Lumea. We recommend using Lumea in a well-lit room. This helps in reducing the perceived brightness of its flash.  

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SC1981/50 .

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