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    Home Essentials Digital PhotoFrame

    10.1" LCD Panel, Brown Wood Frame SPF3403/G7

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I copied pictures from my Memory Card and I saw an error (“Not supported” & “Decode image fail, bypass xx/xxx images”). What is this?

    This error pops up if the PhotoFrame has detected an unsupported format of a particular photo or a corrupted photo and cannot process the image. This PhotoFrame supports JPG and BMP photos only.

    1. The error message will disappear within 9 seconds.
    2. Check the library on the PhotoFrame to identify the photograph.
    3. Once the photo is identified, please try to re-save it on the PC in a different format and rename the file.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SPF3403/G7 , SPF3473/G7 , SPF3402S/G7 , SPF3472/G7 , SPF3482/G7 , SPF3007D/G7 , SPF3007/G7 , SPF3407D/G7 , SPF3407/G7 , SPF3408/G7 , SPF3408T/G7 . more less

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