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    How do I use Smart Copy?

    Published on 2016-12-19
    1. To properly use smart copy, first make sure that your frame is on.

    2. Once the splash screen has shown and the frame starts displaying photos, plug in either your memory card or your USB flash drive.

    3. The frame will then display a message on the screen. “Do you wish to copy all photos to the internal memory?”

    4. Once this message appears, a 15 second countdown timer starts. Within this 15 seconds, you must use your arrow buttons on the back of the frame to highlight the word YES and confirm with the OK button.

    5. If done correctly, the frame should display a message that it is copying your photos. If this does not happen, please start the process over. If you are not faster than the 15 second countdown timer, you must also restart the process.

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