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    Home Essentials Digital PhotoFrame

    7" LCD Panel, Black wood frame SPF3473/G7


    How can I delete individual pictures from the Philips PhotoFrame?

    1. On the main menu, press down on the Scroll Wheel and elect Photo Album located to the left of the Tool Box
    2. Scroll left and right to highlight the album where images are located and press OK.
    3. Press OK to activate the icon and scroll through images to highlight as many photos to be deleted.
    4. After the selection is complete, Click on MENU button to bring up the option bar at the bottom
    5. Highlight “X” to and press OK to delete photos.

    To DELETE ALL, you can skip photo selection (after Step#1) by pressing MENU button directly and select DELETE ALL.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SPF3473/G7 , SPF3402S/G7 , SPF3472/G7 , SPF3482/G7 , SPF3071/G7 , SPF4480X/G7 , SPF3400C/G7 , SPF3470X/G7 , SPF3400/G7 , SPF3470/G7 , SPF3470T/G7 , SPF3480/G7 , SPF3480T/G7 , SPF3480X/G7 . more less

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