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    Brilliance LCD monitor with SmartImage

    43 cm (17") S-line, Format 5:4 17S1SB/27

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Image Sticking, Image Burn-in, an After Image, or a Ghost Image on an LCD?

    Uninterrupted display of still or static images over an extended period may cause “burn in”, also known as “after-imaging” or “ghost imaging”, on your screen. “Burn-in”, “after-imaging”, or “ghost imaging” is a well-known phenomenon in LCD panel technology. In most cases, the “burned in”, “after-imaging”, or “ghost imaging” will disappear gradually over a period of time after the power has been switched off.
    Always activate a moving screen saver program when you leave your monitor unattended.

    Always activate a periodic screen refresh application if your LCD monitor will display unchanging static content.

    WARNING: Severe"burn-in”, “after-image”, or “ghost image” symptoms will not disappear and cannot be repaired. The damage mentioned above is not covered under your warranty.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 17S1SB/27 .

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