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    What issues in Philips TV are solved with a software upgrade?

    Published on 2016-12-29

    How to check the current software version on my TV set?

    1) Press the [Home] button on the remote control to access the home menu.

    2) Use the cursor button to select [Setup] and press the [OK] button to confirm.

    3) Press the cursor [Down] to select [Software update] and press the cursor [Right].

    4) Select [Current software info] and press the [OK] button to display the current software version on your TV set.

    5) If the TV software version is lower than the version posted on the website means your TV set needs to be upgraded.

    6) Follow the instruction in the user manual or readme file of the firmware upgrade on how to upgrade your software.

    Where can I find the latest software for my TV set?

    • You can find the latest TV Firmware Upgrade Software and Readme File documents on the Philips support website. Refer to the SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS section.

    7) The software update will not change the user settings.

    The TV software upgrade will solve the following :

    • Long movies will not play until the end (not a download issue)

    • Loss of services from channel grid in DVB-S when using ECO-Multiswitch

    • Solution stuttering noise on HDMI

    • Solution about visible artefacts

    • Solution for No HD+services anymore possible when provider driven SW update is done (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

    • Solution Metallic sound when switching between SD and HD sources

    • Solution for audio drops and mutes with DVB-S boxes from Polsat

    • Solution for Video picture disturbances / freezes on two DVB-C HD services on Eltrona Luxembourg network

    • Solution for sudden volume changes on Bose HCS systems via SPDIF

    • Solution for sound lost in combination with specific Hotel STB

    • Solution for slow respond of TV RC keys

    • Solution to activate Net TV in a better way

    • Solution for lost of presets after toggling between ASTRA and HOT Bird (between 2LNBs)

    • Solution for picture disturbance on DVB-C channel ‘Phoenix' - Germany region Zweibrucken

    • Solution for lipsync on EXT, ‘audio uitvoer delay' not working

    • Solution for when starting up sometimes no picture

    • Solution for Russian translation errors in UI and Net TV

    • Solution for set goes auto to standby after 2h startup in the morning

      RiksTV Norwegian DVB-T network.

    • Availability for Latvia about DVB-T full profile

    • Small picture of TV channel in right upper corner after going to NetTV

    • Solution for ZDF/ARD Mediathek playback freeze after 20min

    • Solution for MPEG artifacts in HD channels La Sexta Spain

    • Solution for no txt after open internet usage or during use of external

    • Solution for special characters in Portuguese multitab via RC

    • Solution for coloured semi-transparant layers in nettv and txt

    • Solution for problems with technisat HD8+ HD stb

    • Solution for EPG starts always on channel 1

    • Solution for movie in videostore stops after 2h33

    • Intermittent sound lost while watching TV or a connected device via HDMI

    • Macro-blocks appear on digital (DVB-T) channels with HD content (only applicable to Spain)

    • Intermittent sound lost while watching TV or a connected device via HDMI

    • Slow in switching between digital cable (DVB-C) channels

    • Macro-blocks appear on digital (DVB-T) channels

    • To enable the TV to accept Com Hem CAM software upgrade via OAD (only applicable to Sweden)

    • Solution for intermittent freezing picture in Finland

    • Solution for zapping away from 3D broadcast channel in the Netherlands that results in no video

    • Solution for intermittent disturbance on audio via SPDIF out

    • Solution to prevent random services installation on UPC cable com in Switzerland

    • Solution to avoid that the set is rebooting/dead after sw update via PTA02 by packed stick

    • Solution for distorted sound with certain video formats playing via HDMI

    • Solution about the issue when the Double Video MHP application “GF Pay” is killed and is switching from secondary to primary video

    • Solution for sound drops

    • Improvement on zapping performance

    • Fix- Restart of the set when putting in standby

    • Improvement on zapping on 3D channels on cable

    • Improvement on support of new NetTV service portal

    • Fix - TV is intermittently switching to standby after 2-3 Hr

    • Fix - Combined satellite tuner reboots visible

    • Fix - When accessing NetTV the interface language is always in English independent of the system menu language selected by user

    • Fix - Finland -Intermittent functioning of teletext and subtitles

    • Fix - Video playback (USB/SimplyShare/nettv)

    • Picture format now takes into account the video aspect ratio instead of the standard container aspect ratio; result: Videos with aspect ratio different than 16:9 are not going to be stretched anymore by default

    • Fix - Picture judders during playback via USB

    • DVB-S:pre-defined channel grid in Austria and Switzerland implemented

    • Improvements on picture performance in general

    • Improvement for the EPG broadcast performance and channel list on KDG cable network (for Germany)

    • Improved behavior of video store

    • Startup behavior is improved

    • Enhanced robustness again remote controls of other devices

    • Possible audio loss solved on HDMI and DVB-T Spain

    • Widget icon is no longer present in the menu

    • Ziggo certification obtained

    • Improvements on subtitles level for BBC1 and UPC

    • Reduces possible transients after channel change

    • Solves possible loss or dark picture at startup or after channel change

    • Improves Ambilight stability

    • Improvements on sorting on digital channels in Germany

    • Improvements on MPEG4 playback

    • Improvements on teletext in Denmark and the Netherlands

    • Improvements for broadcasting in Switzerland

    • HDMI audio improvements in general and especially for Belgium concerning Belgacom box

    • Adaptation menu items Germany

    • Support of Video Store

    • Improvement on the level of the startup behaviour

    • Improvements on the multimedia features

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