81cm/32", integrated digital 32PFL3403D/27


How to Autoprogram the channels in my Philips TV?

  1. Press [Menu] on the remote control and select [Installation] > [Autoprogram] > [Start Now].
  2. Select [Cable] or Antenna and press [Cursor] button on the remote control (see image below).
  3. When Antenna is selected, the TV detects antenna signals. It searches for NTSC and ATSC channels available in your area.
  4. When Cable is selected, the TV detects signals supplied by cable. It searches for NTSC, ATSC, and QAM modulated channels available in your area.
  5. Press [OK] to start the installation. If you run Autoprogram when you have locked channels, a message appears asking to enter your PIN code(0711). Enter your PIN code in order to complete the installation.
  6. When Autoprogramming is complete, this message appears [Channel search completed].
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PFL3403D/27 , 19PFL3403D/27 .

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