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    How to conserve battery power and maximize playtime?

    Updated on 2017-02-28

    Some features of the player takes a higher battery power, thus affecting the length of playtime. Here are some tips to conserve battery power of the player.

    • If possible, listen to music files instead of the radio

      • Radio playback takes a larger electrical current and therefore consumes more electricity than audio playback does
    • Adjust the brightness of the screen as low as possible

    • If the player offers FullSound feature, disable it

    • Set a short time for the backlight timer

      • This shortens the idle time before the display is automatically switched off
    • Select [None] for screensaver

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SA1VBE04KM/37 , SA2VBE04KC/37 , SA2VBE04KC/17 , SA2VBE08SC/17 , SA2VBE08KC/17 , SA2VBE04WC/17 , SA2VBE04RC/17 , SA2VBE04PC/17 , SA2VBE04KW/17 , SA2VBE04WW/17 , SA2VBE04RW/17 , SA2VBE04PW/17 , SA2MUS16S/17 , SA2MUS08S/17 , SA2ARA08K/37 , SA2VBE08K/37 , SA2VBE04K/37 , SA2ARA16K/37 , SA2ARA16S/17 , SA2VBE08S/17 , SA2ARA08K/17 , SA2VBE08K/17 , SA2ARA16K/17 , SA2VBE04K/17 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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