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    Can I use 2 memory cards on my photoframe simultaneously?

    Published on 2017-02-28

    Yes. When a memory card is connected to the Digital Photo Frame, it will present photos stored on that specific card as a slideshow.

    • Increase the memory of the Photo Frame by permanently inserting a memory card into it. This allows the same functions as the internal memory to be performed.
    • Two memory card slots can be used at the same time; therefore one can be dedicated for the extended memory and the other slot for reading and copying pictures from the camera memory card.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 10FF3CMI/37 , 6FF3FPB/37 , 8FF3FPB/17 , 8FF2FPW/37 , 10FF3CDW/27 , 8FF3CME/27 , 8FF3CDW/27 , 10FF3CME/27 , 8FF2FPB/37 , 6FF3FPW/37 , 7FF2FPAS/27 , 8FF3FPW/27 , 8FF3FPB/27 , 7FF3FPW/27 , 7FF3FPB/27 , 6FF3FPW/27 , 10FF2CME/27 , 7FF2M4/27 , 7FF2CWO/27 , 7FF2CMI/27 , 10FF2M4/27 , 10FF2CMI/27 , 10FF2CMW/00 , 10FF2CMW/27 , 7FF2CME/27 , 10FF2XLE/27 , 7FF2FPA/27 , 5FF2CMI/27 , 7FF1MS/37 , 9FF2CME/37 , 9FF2M4/37 , 9FF2CWO/37 , 9FF2CMI/37 , 7FF1CME/37 , 7FF1CMI/37 , 7FF1M4/37 , 7FF1CWO/37 , 7FF1AW/37 , 7FF1WD/37 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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