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    Philips DVD/VCR Player DVP620VR Progressive Scan



    How to set up the time on my Philips player?

    (If the clock has never been set, the CLOCK SET menu may appear when you press DISC/MENU. If so, follow the instructions from step 3 below.)

    1. Press VCR button, then press DISC/MENU button.
    2. Press up/down arrow button to select CLOCK SET, then press right arrow button.
    3. While the MONTH space is flashing, press up/down arrow button until the month appears. Then press right arrow button to set the next.
    4. Repeat the steps to set DAY, YEAR, HOUR, MINUTE & AM/PM

    Note: Power failures of more than 30 seconds can erase the clock setting.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP620VR/07 , DVP620VR/17 .

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