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    DVD player

    HDMI 1080p, CinemaPlus DVP2880/F7


    How to connect my Philips DVD player to my home stereo?

    It is possible to connect your Philips DVD player to your home stereo system with a coaxial or digital connection. Check below how:

    Step by step guide

    Use a coaxial digital audio cable (not supplied) to connect the COAXIAL jack on the DVD player to the COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO IN jack on the TV/audio system.

    Tip: After you connect the devices, you may need to access the Digital Audio Setup menu of the DVD Player and select the setting that matches your stereo. You can find the Digital Audio Setup menu in the audio setup page. In most cases, the correct setting is ALL or PCM.

    External coaxial audio connection

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP2880/F7 , DVP5982/37 , DVP3040/37 , DVP3150V/37 , DVP5900/37 , DVP3500/37 , DVD622/37 , DVP3050V/37 , DVP620VR/07 , DVP642/37 , DVP620VR/17 , DVP642/17 , DVD590M/17 . more less

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