Portable Media Center

30GB* PMC7230/17


How do I delete files from my Philips PMC7230?

To remove Video or Picture files use Windows Explorer.

  1. Connect the player to your PC via supplied USB cable.
  2. Select My Computer in Windows Explorer.
  3. Select Philips PMC7230.
  4. Select the Media folder and then to either the Video directory or Picture directory.
  5. Select the file to be deleted and press Delete on your keyboard to delete it.

To remove Audio files use Windows Media Player. (Instructions for WMP 10)

  1. Use Windows Media Player to remove music. Empty playlists are automatically removed when you perform the Auto Sync function in Windows Media Player.
  2. Simply remove the music file from the Sync list in Windows Media Player.
  3. To remove music from the player, connect the player to your PC, select SYNC tab in Windows Media Player, make sure that the auto sync check box is not checked. Then delete the music content shown on the left panel (device PMC7230) in Windows Media Player.

If you wish to move all content at once you can reset you PMC to factory settings. See the FAQ: How do I return my Protable Media Center to the factory settings?

The information on this page applies to the following models: PMC7230/17 .

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