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    What is HealthKit and how can I use it?

    Published on 2017-06-26

    HealthKit is a tool that helps you transfer your health data from the Philips HealthSuite app to your Apple HealthKit, and the other way around. HealthKit can only be used for iOS phones.

    If you are interested in HealthKit please go to Settings and select Enable HealthKit. On the next page you'll be asked to allow GeneralHealth to access your health data. HealthKit will be enabled when you tap 'Enable Healthkit' at the bottom of the screen.

    After pairing a new Connected Health device to the HealthSuite health app it is important to enable HealthKit again. If you're not doing so, data measured by the 'new' device will not be sent to HealthKit or the other way around.

    To manage the HealthKit permissions open the HealthKit app on your phone. Now select 'Sources' at the bottom menu of the HealthKit app. By tapping on the Philips HealthSuite health app icon you can enable or disable permissions.

    Please note that there can be a difference between the data showing in your HealthSuite health app and the Apple HealthKit. This has to do with the time the data is being sent. Also if data is being deleted in HealthKit this will not be corrected in the Health app.

    Enabling HealthKit gives you the possibility to choose other goals than the ones that are available in the HealthSuite app. By choosing different goals the order of the bubbles showing in your app might change. Please note that you can only choose 'other' goals if there is data that can be used from your HealthKit.

    If you are using HealthKit with a number of devices that measure the same thing e.g. steps, you may see a difference between data in Philips health app, and HealthKit. This is because some of the data may be double counted in HealthKit.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: APP101/01 .

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