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    How to set up your Sonicare Power Flosser for first use

    Published on 25 August 2022
    1. Connect the small plug into the bottom of the base and connect the power plug in any 100-240V power outlet. ​
    2.  Remove the reservoir from the base. ​

    Note: Make sure the product is powered off before you remove the reservoir. ​

    3. Open the lid, fill the reservoir with lukewarm water to the MAX fill line.

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    4 Close the lid. Place the reservoir back on the base.

    Note: Press down firmly to ensure there is no gap between the reservoir and the base.

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    5 Insert your preferred nozzle into the handle. Press the nozzle down until you hear a "click".

    6 Press the on/off button on the base station to turn on the product. Select your desired mode and intensity.

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    7 Remove the handle from the base and point the tip of the nozzle into the sink. Slide the pause switch on the handle to the 'on' (up) position and wait until the water stream comes out of the tip of the nozzle. Stop the flow of water by sliding the pause switch to the 'off' (down) position.

    Note: This step is for first time use after purchase only.



    8 Press the on/off button on the base again to turn off the product.

    Power Flosser 5000 and 7000 models: Magnetic handle dock

    If you own a 5000 or 7000 series Power Flosser, your unit has a unique magnetic docking station for your handle. 
    When you un-box your Power Flosser, you'll see a magnet sticker on both the handle and the dock station. This is to let you know what part of the handle needs to connect to the handle. Placing upper part of the handle only on the dock, will result in the magnets not connecting, and the handle not staying in place in the handle dock.
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