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    How do I charge my Philips Shaver?

    Depending on the model you have, you can charge your Philips Shaver in different ways. Always use the original charger that came with your shaver, as not all chargers are compatible with all shavers. 

    Charging your Philips Shaver with a Standard Plug-in charger

    1. Make sure that the shaver is switched off. 
    2. Insert the small plug of the charger into the bottom of the shaver and put the supply unit in the wall socket. Depending on the shaver model, the charging time may vary from 1 to 8 hours. 
    3. After charging, remove the supply unit from the wall socket and pull the small plug out of the appliance. 

    Charging in the charging stand

    Some Philips Shavers come with a charging stand. Find out here how to use these.
    1. Make sure the shaver is switched off.
    2. Put the small plug of the charger in the charging stand and put the supply unit in the wall socket. 
    3. Place the shaver in the charging stand. 
    4. After charging, remove the supply unit from the wall socket and pull the small plug out of the charging stand.
    Light indication: 
    Some of the latest model charging stands have a light ring at the bottom. When the shaver is charging, the light ring lights up and rotates quickly. 
    - After approximately 5 minutes, the light ring rotates slower. The battery now contains enough energy for one shave. 
    - As the appliance continues to charge, the light ring becomes brighter and rotates slower. 
    - When the appliance is fully charged, the light ring lights up fully and stops rotating. 

    Charging with the wireless QI pad

    Find out here how to charge your Philips Shaver with a wireless QI pad.
    1. Plug the wireless Qi pad in a working electric socket.
    2. Dry your shaver to remove any excess water from it. Now place it horizontally on the charging pad. Make sure the shaver fits into the cavity of the wireless charger.
    3. The wireless charger beeps and the ring on the pad lights up when the shaver is correctly placed and connected for charging.
    Charging your shaver on the Qi pad can take approximately 3 hours. Once charged, you can keep your shaver on the Qi pad as long as you want to. This does not affect its battery or performance.

    Quick charge: After approximately 18 minutes charging, the shaver contains enough battery power for one shave.

    Charging with the Philips SmartClean System

    Hold the shaver upside down above the holder. Make sure the front of the shaver points towards the SmartClean system and then follow the steps below:
    1. Place the shaver in the Smart Clean holder
    2. Tilt the shaver backward
    3. Press down the top cap of the SmartClean system until you hear a click sound, confirming that the shaver is locked in.
    You will see a battery symbol flashing on your SmartClean system indicating that the shaver is charging.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: S9985/84 , S9987/85 , S5588/81 , S7788/82 , S7783/84 , S6540/90 , AT830/46 , AT810/81 , S1015/81 , S1111/81 , S3212/82 , S3112/82 , S1311/82 , S1211/81 , S3540/81 , S5203/81 , S3311/85 , S9031/90 , S7940/84 , S5940/88 , S6820/83 , S6810/82 , SP9860/86 , S6880/81 , S6850/85 , S3552/89 , S7371/83 , S740/80 , SP9820/87 , S5250/81 , S3560/85 , S3560/88 , SW3700/87 , SW9700/83 , SW6700/91 , S5074/89 , S5590/81 , S9733/90 , S7740/84 , AT620/81 , S7371/84 , S9311/87 , S8950/91 , S7371/87 , S9721/87 , S9721/89 , S8950/90 , S8880/88 , S3580/83 , S9731/90 , S5290/88 , S1150/81 , S5370/84 , S5370/81 , S5210/81 , S3570/81 , S3560/81 , S3310/81 , S1560/81 , S5370/86 , S5355/82 , S1570/82 , S5390/81 , S5210/86 , S5205/81 , S5660/84 , S9321/89 , S7720/84 , S7370/87 , S7720/90 , S7720/85 , S9311/84 , S9721/84 , S9531/84 , S9321/88 , AT928/41SP , AT928/41 , AT811/41TT , AT790/40 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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