Get started with your Philips espresso machine

Setting up your espresso machine and personalizing your coffee


Congratulations with your Philips espresso machine. Learn how to set up your espresso machine and customize settings to suit your own preferences. After following a few simple steps you'll soon be making a great cup of coffee!

Fill the water tank


Remove the water tank and fill it with fresh water up to the 'Max' level indication.

Fill the coffee bean hopper

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Fill the coffee bean hopper with espresso beans.

Turn on your espresso machine


Insert the small plug into the socket located on the back of the machine and insert the main plug into a wall socket. Turn the main switch to 'I' (if located on the machine). Press the 'Standby' button to switch the machine on.

Place a cup under the hot water/steam wand


Place a container under the hot water spout/steam wand to capture the water which will be dispensed during priming.

Prime the circuit


A message will indicate that you need to prime the circuit. A machine without a display will show a blinking exclamation mark. Depending on your espresso machine, either turn the dial to the hot water icon or press the 'Espresso' button to start. After priming the machine will heat up. For more information, visit the dedicated support page for your espresso machine to locate the user manual.

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More detailed information on getting started with your Philips espresso machine is only a couple of clicks away.

Set up machine instruction movies.

Grinder Settings


You can adjust the grind settings by the knob inside the bean container. From a fine grind for a full-bodied espresso to a coarse grind for a lighter coffee flavor.


Only adjust the grind settings when the machine is grinding coffee beans.


To adjust the grinder; place a cup under the coffee spout. Press the 'Espresso‘ button and when the grinder starts grinding change the setting with the adjustment key.

'Memo' settings


For each coffee recipe you can adjust the strength according to your taste and to the size of your cups with the 'Memo' function.

Press and hold the button you want to adjust until the display shows the 'Memo' icon or the button starts flashing. Your machine then enters the programming phase and starts to brew the selected coffee. Stop the process by pressing the 'OK' button or the button you are programming. This depends on your espresso machine model.

Aroma strength settings


To change the coffee strength, press the 'Aroma strength' button or turn the control dial to the one of the bean settings. This varies per machine.