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    Comfort for
    every step of the way

    Philips Avent Pacifiers and Soothie Snuggle

    *Based on December 2017 GemSeek online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 8,000 female users of childcare brands and products.
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    Our orthodontic pacifiers in a nutshell

    nipple acceptence image

    98%* nipple acceptance

    suckling comfort image

    Soft silicone nipple***

    BPA free image

    Orthodontic, BPA free, taste & odor-free nipple

    easy sterilizing image

    Sterilizer case for sterilizing in the microwave**

    Our comforting range was designed based on our deep understanding of how babies suckle and soothe.

    ultra soft: Our super soft, flexible shield follows the shape of your baby's cheeks, leaving fewer marks and causing less skin irritation.


    ultra air: Featuring 4 extra large air holes, the lightweight shield is designed for maximum air flow so your baby's sensitive skin stays drier while soothing.


    ultra air night: Ultra air night has extra large air holes to keep sensitive skin soft & dry, and a glow-in-the-dark button so you can see it while the lights are out.


    ultra air 18m+: Ultra air 18m+ is a lightweight pacifier with an extra firm nipple that respects growing teeth and gums, so it’s ideal for growing toddlers.


    Soothie: Our one-piece pacifier made with medical grade silicone is used by doctors and nurses to calm newborns in hospitals.

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    Snuggle pacifier holders

    Soothie snuggle

    More comfort from every cuddle
    Our new Philips Avent Snuggle is a soft, lightly-weighted plush pacifier holder that attaches to Soothies or pacifiers with ring handles. The Snuggle not only keeps the pacifier close by, but will be a friendly, first companion to comfort your baby. Your little one will love to snuggle with any four of our adorable characters: Giraffe, Monkey, Elephant, or Seal.

    What other moms say about Philips Avent pacifiers

    Avent Soothie snuggle

    Avent - ultra soft pacifier

    Avent ultra air pacifier

    Help your baby do what comes naturally

    Ultra Air: Skin Stays Drier

    Maximum Air Flow

    Ultra Soft: The softest soother

    Flexible Shield For A Comfortable Fit

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    Number one brand recommended by Moms

    Orthodontic pacifiers

    A little bit of comfort goes a long way when you’re getting to know the world. Our range of orthodontic pacifiers is designed to comfort your baby naturally—every step of the way. Of course, comfort is personal, so you’ll find a wide variety of pacifiers to suit your baby’s unique needs. From newborn to toddler, glow-in-the-dark to extra airflow, and endless cute designs, Philips Avent has a little bit of comfort for every baby's needs.


    * 2016-2017 US consumer tests show an average of 98% nipple acceptance of the textured Philips Avent nipple used in our ultra air and ultra soft pacifiers.

    ** Sterilizing/carrying case comes with ultra soft and ultra air pacifiers only.

    *** Philips Avent ultra air, ultra soft and Soothie come with a silky soft silicone tip.

    1 Based on December 2015 GemSeek online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 9,000 female users of childcare brands and products.

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