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    How to reduce bad breath in 3 simple steps?

    1. Brush your teeth

    2. Scrape your tongue in order to kill the germs, remove food particles and odor-causing bacteria

    3. Rinse away any remaining germs and debris with antibacterial mouth rinse


    The science is in the system. Upgrade your routine for superior fresh breath protection in 3 simple steps - brush, scrape, rinse. Clinically proven to reduce bad breath 3x better than a leading mouth rinse. *after only 2 weeks of use

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    1. Brush


    Our toothpaste starts you out on a fresh note, combining odor-neutralizing Zytex™ with advanced whitening power and flouride protection, in a refreshing blue gel. Pairs perfectly with your Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, with dynamic fluid action to reach deep between teeth and along the gumline.


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    2. Scrap


    The porous surface of your tongue is the perfect hiding and breeding ground for bad breath bacteria. Kill the germs and remove food particles and odor-causing bacteria with our tongue cleaner and spray.

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    3. Rinse


    The finishing touch. Rinse away any remaining germs and debris with our antibacterial mouth rinse. The powerful formula kills bad breath bacteria throughout the mouth, leaving you with nothing but minty fresh breath.


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    A Common Condition

    If you sometimes suffer from “not-so-fresh” breath, you’re not alone. Roughly one in three adults suffer from chronic bad breath, or halitosis. Poor dental hygene, heartburn, antibiotics, acid reflux, diabetes and even certain diets can worsen the bad breath. BreathRx doesn't just mask bad breath symptoms. It's the only breath care system specifically designed to neurtralize the gases and kill bacteria at the origin of bad breath.

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    The only breath care system with Zytex™

    Killing germs is just the start. BreathRx harnesses the power of Zytex, our exclusive blend of zinc, thymol and eucalyptus essential oils, to deliver a powerful burst that cleanses the mouth and neutralizes foul-smelling odors. Thanks to BreathRx with Zytex, you can maintain the freshest breath possible.

    A dynamic duo BreathRx + AirFloss Pro

    BreathRx is the perfect partner for Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro. The interdental cleaner's triple-burst technology disrupts and removes hard-to-reach plaque. Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse with AirFloss Pro, as opposed to water, provides a more targeted and refreshing treatment for long-lasting results.

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