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    Delicious treat
    for sensitive teeth 

    Dentists always seem to tell you which (sadly, often delicious) things not to eat if you care about your teeth. But hardly anyone  tells you what foods are good for your teeth. So we’re going to list some delicious foods that can actually soothe sensitive teeth, and give you tips to how to replace foods that don’t mix well with sensitive teeth. Bon appetit!

    Meat, fish and tofu


    In whatever shape or form, dairy contains lots of calcium - a fundamental mineral for bones and teeth. Since enamel itself is a mineral, it doesn’t actually grow back when it wears down. But studies have shown that calcium can remineralize early enamel erosion to some extent. So whether you prefer having yoghurt for breakfast, a glass of milk to quench your thirst or a cheese platter for dessert, your teeth will thank you.


    Meat, fish and tofu

    These foods are rich in phosphorus, a mineral that is shown to help harden your tooth enamel. After calcium, phosphorus is the most plentiful mineral in your body. In addition to reinforcing your teeth and bones, phosphorus is also needed to produce protein to maintain and repair cells and tissue. It’s basically one of the body’s main building blocks.

    Crunchy vegetables

    This one may come as a surprise. And indeed it benefits your enamel in ways you might not expect. Chewing on crunchy foods gets your saliva flowing, which contains enzymes that buffer acidic foods attacking your teeth. Turns out carrot and celery sticks are even healthier than you thought.


    Delicious substitutes

    Having sensitive teeth doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the finer things in life. With these tips you can enjoy meals that tingle your taste buds without tormenting your teeth.


    ●        Instead of hot soup, try a chilled (but not too chilled) gazpacho.

    ●        Cooking a dish with lemon? Replace the lemon with the spice sumac. Same citrus taste, but without the painful acidic assault on your teeth.

    ●        For dessert, skip the cake and ice cream and opt for a nice cheese platter that’s tasteful in more ways than one.

    Random fact

    Brushing aggressively can cause tooth sensitivity along the gum line.

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