Milk tube

Milk tube

Picobaristo, Incanto, EP & SM s., Transparent CP0157/01 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • Replaceable part

    Fits product types :
    • HD8847
    • HD8834
    • HD8917
    Fits product type
    • HD8964
    • HD8965
    • EP3550/00
    • EP3551/00
    • EP4050/00
    • SM3061/00
    • EP4051/00
    • EP3363/10
    • EP3362/00
    • EP3363/00
    • EP3551/10
    • EP3558/00
    • EP3559/00
    • EP5360
    • EP5361
    • EP5365
    • EP5960
    • EP5961
  • Suitable for:

    GranBaristo series
    • HD8966/11
    • HD8967/01
    • HD8968/01

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