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    Classic milk frother


    Classic milk frother


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    Classic milk frother

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    Where can I find the model number?

    Each product has a unique model number. A model number usually starts with letters followed by series of numbers, e.g. GC6440, 37PFL7403D or SA1300.


    There are a few different ways you can locate your model number:

    Look on the box
    Look inside the product
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    Stainless steel pannarello cover

    Please check specifications for compatible product

    • Stainless steel

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    From time to time your product needs a facelift but it was never so easy like with Philips consumer replacement parts to renew your product. This all with guaranteed Philips quality.

    Technical Specifications

    • Replaceable part

      Fits Coffee Product
      • HD8525/01
      • HD8525/09
      • HD8743/11
      • HD8743/12
      • HD8743/19
      • HD8743/31
      • HD8751/11
      • HD8752/84
      • HD8752/99
      • HD8762/01
      • HD8762/19
      • HD8768/01
      • HD8768/08
      • HD8768/09
      • HD8769/01
      • HD8769/09
      • HD8769/11
      • HD8769/19
      • HD8770/01
      • HD8770/02
      • HD8770/10
      • HD8780/01
      • HD8824/01
      • HD8824/09
      • HD8825/09
      • HD8836/18
      • HD8844/01
      • HD8844/09
      • HD8861/11
      • HD8888/19
      • HD8900/11
    • Suitable for:

      All models
      All models

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