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    s-filter® exhaust filter


    s-filter® exhaust filter


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    s-filter® exhaust filter

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    Original HEPA13 filter replacement from Philips

    The Philips HEPA13 filter for your vacuum cleaner captures 99.95% of the finest dust, for a dust-free environment, with clean allergen-free air. The air passing through the filter is even cleaner than the air already in your room.
    Allergy H13 exhaust filter for excellent filtration

    Allergy H13 exhaust filter for excellent filtration

    The Allergy H13 filter captures more than 99.95% of fine dust, which other filters simply recirculate back into the air of your home. It traps the fine particles, such as pollens and dust mites, which trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. The filter should be replaced once a year.

    s-filter® standard fit for easy replacement

    s-filter® standard fit for easy replacement

    s-filter® is the standard exhaust filter that is widely available and easily recognizable by its logo. It fits several ranges of vacuum cleaners from Philips, as well as vacuum cleaners from Electrolux, AEG, Volta and Tornado.

    Change every 12-months for sustained performance

    Change every 12-months for sustained performance

    For optimal performance and filtration, we advise to change the filter every 12 months.

    Non-washable filter

    Non-washable filter

    The filter does not need to not be washed. It has a lifetime of 1 year, after which it needs to be replaced. Washing the filter can damage it.

    Technical Specifications

    • Contains

      Exhaust filter
    • Suitable for

      FC9050 - FC9079
      • FC9150 - FC9179
      • FC8680 - FC8682
      FC9180 - FC9199
      Performer Expert
      FC8720 - FC8729
      7000 Series, Performer Silent
      • FC8741 - FC8745
      • FC8779 - FC8786
      Performer Ultimate
      • FC8921 - FC8925
      • FC8941 - FC8957
      FC9300 - FC9319
      FC8760 - FC8770
      FC9200 - FC9225
      PowerPro Expert
      • FC9712 - FC9714
      • FC9720 - FC9725
      PowerPro Ultimate
      • FC9911 - FC9912
      • FC9919 - FC9934
      Marathon Ultimate
      • FC9911 - FC9912
      • FC9919 - FC9924

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