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    Our best ever toothbrush,
    for complete oral care

    DiamondClean Smart video

    DiamondClean Smart

    Select from our 3 series

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    Our best ever toothbrush, for complete oral care

    DiamondClean Smart

    Select from our 3 series

      Feel confident,
      with 100% coverage.

      Diamondclean smart pink
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      diamondclean smart pink


      Philips shop price
      Suggested retail price: $239.95
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      Sensors and app help you perfect your technique, and get a complete clean.
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      Premium brush heads give you exceptional oral health results.
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      5 modes and 3 intensities let you focus on each aspect of your oral health.
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      Sonicare's Premium brush heads automatically select optimal mode and intensity.
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      NEW! Brush head reordering service automatically orders brush heads for you.
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      Stylish charging glass and deluxe travel case for charging on the go.

      The toothbrush
      for those who

      demand the best

      You'll not only get our best toothbrush, you'll also get our best performing brush heads that give you;
      Up to 10 times more plaque removal

      Up to 10 times more

      plaque removal*

      Up to 7 times healthier gums in just 2 weeks

      Up to 7 times healthier

      gums in just 2 weeks*

      Up to 100% more stain removal in just 3 days

      Up to 100% more stain

      removal in just 3 days**

      Long-lasting fresh breath
      Long-lasting fresh breath

      * than a manual toothbrush

      ** than a manual toothbrush, and with a leading whitening toothpaste

      What makes this the world's most intelligent  toothbrush?


      The DiamondClean Smart has some handy sidekicks—its connected app and smart sensor suite. They work together to give you confidence in your oral care.

      DiamonClean Smart sensor suite
      Feature 1 - Real time feedback
      Our smart sensors take the guesswork out of brushing. Real-time feedback helps get your brushing technique to 100%.
      Feature 2 - Missed spots
      The location sensor tracks your coverage, so you can see exactly where you've brushed, and where you've missed. That way you can get 100% coverage, 100% of the time.
      Feature 3 - Brush head delivery automatically
      Brush head reordering service automatically orders new brush heads for you - powered by Sonicare's BrushSync technology, tracking your brush head's actual usage. 

      Brush heads that push all the right buttons


      This toothbrush knows the optimal mode and intensity setting for each brush head.


      So if you click on Premium Gum Care, for example, it automatically selects the best settings to gently yet effectivly clean your gums.

      New Sonicare app feature
      New brush heads delivery feature on the app

      New! Brush heads delivered to your door, right when you need them


      Never run out of brush heads, again.


      Brush head reordering service automatically orders new brush heads for you, only when you need them, based on your actual brushing usage. Sonicare’s BrushSync technology ensures you get the most out of every brush head. 


      Setup is simple, download the Sonicare App and subscribe now. 

      Premium accessories mean it's not just your smile that will look good 

      toothbrush glass holder
      Simply place your toothbrush into the sleek glass holder, and it instantly starts charging.
      brush heads
      Comes with three premium brush heads + a tongue brush.
      Travel case
      Our deluxe travel case doubles as a charger.
      Advisor for different editions

      The DiamondClean Smart comes in different editions and colors

      <b>Premium edition

      DiamondClean Smart 9500

      Premium edition

      Philips shop price
      <b>Exclusive lunar blue edition

      DiamondClean Smart 9700

      Exclusive lunar blue edition

      Philips shop price
      Essential edition

      DiamondClean Smart 9300

      Essential edition

      Philips shop price

      Available colors

      • White, black, pink, silver, rose gold
      • Lunar blue, rose gold exclusive edition
      • White, black, pink, silver, rose gold

      Number of settings

      • 5 modes
      • 3 intensities
      • 5 modes
      • 3 intensities
      • 4 modes
      • 3 intensities

      Included accessories

      • Deluxe charging travel case
      • Charging glass
      • Deluxe charging travel case
      • Charging glass
      • Deluxe travel case
      • Charging glass

      Included brush heads

      • 3 premium brush heads
      • TongueCare+ tongue brush head
      • 7 premium brush heads
      • TongueCare+ tongue brush head
      • 3 premium brush heads
      * Suggested retail price

      Still not convinced
      this is the one for you?


      We have a range of toothbrushes for a range of needs.

      See our range of electric toothrbrushes
      • Specifications

        • For exceptional everyday clean
        • To remove surface stains
        Deep Clean+
        • For an invigorating deep clean
        Gum Health
        • Special attention to molars
        • For long lasting clean breath
        3 intensities
        • High
        • Medium
        • Low
        Items included
        Items included
        • 1 DiamondClean Smart
        Brush heads
        • 1 C3 Premium Plaque Control
        • 1 G3 Premium Gum Care
        • 1 W3 Premium White
        • 1 TongueCare+ tongue brush
        Glass charger
        • 1
        Travel case
        • USB charging travel case
        BrushSync Mode Pairing
        BrushSync Mode Pairing
        C3 Premium Plaque Control
        • Pairs with Clean mode
        G3 Premium Gum Care brush head
        • Pairs with Gum Health mode
        W3 Premium White brush head
        • Pairs with White+ mode
        TongueCare+ tongue brush
        • Pairs with TongueCare mode
        Bluetooth® wireless technology
        • Connected brushing app
        Android compatibility
        • Android phones
        • Bluetooth 4.0 enabled tablets
        iOS compatibility
        • iPad 3rd Gen or higher
        • iPhone 4S or higher
        • with iOS7 or higher
        Design and finishing
        Design and finishing
        • Pink
        Cleaning performance
        Cleaning performance
        • Up to 62000 brush movement/min
        • Removes up to 10x more plaque*
        Health benefits
        • Up to 7x healthier gums****
        Whitening benefits
        • Up to 100% less stains*****
        Pressure feedback
        • Ring lights up in purple
        • Vibrates handle to alert user
        • Ensures 100% coverage
        • BrushPacer and SmarTimer
        Smart sensor technology
        Smart sensor technology
        Pressure sensor
        • Alerts when brushing too hard
        Location sensor
        • Tracks & improves coverage
        Scrubbing sensor
        • Guides to reduce scrubbing
        3D mouth map
        • Highlights trouble areas
        • To address missed spots
        Position sensor
        • Guides to areas you missed
        Ease of use
        Ease of use
        Handle compatibility
        • Easy click-on brush heads
        Brush head recognition
        • Syncs with optimal mode
        Replacement reminder
        • To always ensure best results
        • reminder icon lights up
        Battery indicator
        • Illuminated icon indicates battery life
        • Slim ergonomic design
        • Illuminated display
        Technical specifications
        Technical specifications
        • Rechargeable
        Battery type
        • Lithium ION
        Operating time (full to empty)
        • 14 days******
        • 110-220 V
        • 2-year limited warranty

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