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    GoPure Style Car air purifier


    Goodbye airborne microbes. Breathe healthy air

    The GP5611 with its advanced SaniFilter Plus and UVC light, helps to reduce the risk of airborne virus and bacteria, in just 10 minutes it safely eliminates 99% of microbes through UVC light. The HESAMax removes chemicals and odors.

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    GoPure Style
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    GoPure Style

    Car air purifier


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    Goodbye airborne microbes. Breathe healthy air

    Eliminates microbes by filtration and UV-C light

    • Ultra fine particles
    • UV-C LED light
    • HESAMax filtration

    UV-C light eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria*

    Harmful microbes are eliminated by intense UV-C LED light. Tested in independent laboratory the UVC light beam eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria.*

    Advanced design makes UVC technology safe to use

    The GoPure GP5611 kills microbes with UV light. It does this safely and effectively because the microbes are destroyed inside the device (laboratory tests prove zero leakage of UV light). With no risk of exposure to UV light, the device is safe for all passengers in your car.

    LED technology means no toxic ozone and mercury

    Ionizers and traditional UVC mercury lamps emit harmful ozone as a by-product of the light generating process. The GoPure GP5611 uses modern LED technology so emits zero ozone, making it safe to use inside a car. And because of the complete absence of mercury to generate UV light, it is a toxin-free air purification system.

    HESAMax technology neutralizes targeted chemicals

    The HESAMax technology is designed to specifically target harmful gases and odors in your car. The unique materials used in the HESAMax cartridge neutralize even small molecule chemicals at a very high efficiency. Tested against industry standards, this advanced HESAMax cartridge is proven to be superior at removing formaldehyde, toluene, and TVOCs. So you and your family breathe healthier air when you drive.

    Bionic enzyme technology neutralizes chemicals

    Containing 2 types of HESA material, the dual-power HESAMax cartridge removes chemicals and odors. The bionic white beads contain an active protein enzyme, a bionic technology that simulates the human body’s reaction to formaldehyde. This draws formaldehyde from the air, breaking it down and safely locking it up in the cartridge. Black de-odor beads also actively absorb unpleasant smells from smoking or pet hair at a high efficiency. So the cartridge neutralizes formaldehyde and odors (toluene, TVOCs and ammonia),

    Absorbs 30x more formaldehyde compared with carbon bags

    Compared to the carbon bags commonly used in other purification devices, the dual-power HESAMax has a much larger capacity, able to absorb 30 times more formaldehyde. This means the cartridge lasts much longer than standard carbon bags.

    Easily install in a cup holder in minutes

    Simply slide the GoPure Style GP5611 into a cup holder and connect the USB-C power cable. Once connected, the device works automatically, turning on and off with your ignition. The stylish, contemporary and compact design will also look great in your car.

    Longer-lasting filter requires fewer changes

    You should replace the filter approximately every 12 months, to make sure the device continues to efficiently clean the air you breathe. The UVC LED lasts so long that you don’t even need to worry about changing it.

    Technical Specifications

    • Marketing specifications

      Product highlight
      UV-C light
      Expected benefits
      Eliminate airborne viruses*
    • Product description

      Automatic On/Off
      Filter Lifetime
      Recommended 12 months
      Filter replacement indicator
      Blue light blinking
      Noise level (CA test, Silent)
      32.2 dBA
      Noise level (CA test, Turbo)
      41.8 dBA
      Power [W]
      Speed settings
      2, Silent & Turbo
      Car air purifier
      Voltage [V]
      5V DC
      EPA, CARB
    • Performance

      Captures 0.004um fine particle
      Bacteria elimination rate
      Virus elimination rate
    • Logistic data

      Quantity in box
      Reference (Order entry)
      Ordering code (China)
      EAN1 (EMEA)
    • Replacement

      Filter name
      SaniFilter Plus
      Filter type
      Filter dimension
      HESA box name
      HESAMax cartridge
      HESA box type
      HESA box dimension
    • Accessories in the box

      Power cable length
      1m  m
    • Weight and dimensions

      Product dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
      Product weight (g)
      Box dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
      Box weight (incl. product) (g)

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    • *Filter tested particle 1-pass removal efficiency at IUTA laboratory in Germany; sizes of viruses and bacteria published in the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008 Microbiological Risk Assessment Report. An air purifier by itself does not protect against exposure to the virus that causes COVID19
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