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    Car thermal box Car thermal box


    Safe storage on the go

    Philips TB5101 is a high-capacity thermal box for your vehicle. With powerful refrigeration it keeps your items inside cold or frozen. So whether it’s a road trip, or you’re driving for work, the item stays fresh.

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    Car thermal box
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    Car thermal box

    Car thermal box


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    Safe storage on the go

    Powerful temperature control for safe storage.

    • Fast cooling and freezing*1
    • 48hr cool with power off*2
    • Quiet and easy-to-use
    • Durable design

    Choose the proper temperature from a wide range

    With an efficient refrigeration system, Philips LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G can reach temperatures as low as -22°C *4. This wide temperature range makes it suitable for a variety of storage needs. And you can easily adjust the temperature to choose between cooling or freezing. It’s recommended fresh breast milk is stored at 4°C for up to 4 days, or -18°C for 6 months.*3 Insulin should be stored at 8°C.*9

    Fast cooling and freezing keeps the item fresh*1

    When on the road, you might need to cool an item or keep it frozen while you get to your destination. Equipped with an advanced compressor, the Philips LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G can drop the temperature to 0°C/32°F in just 15 minutes, and to minus 10°C/14°F in 20 minutes.*1 So no matter how hot it is outside, you don't have to worry about food or frozen items defrosting, or cold drinks warming.

    Keeps items cool for 48 hours even with the power off*2

    Insulated with high density foam, the Philips LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G reduce heat transfer, locking in cool temperatures for longer. This means that even with the power off, your items will be kept cool for up to 48 hours after you switch off the device*2. Which is great if you want to turn off the car engine and still keep the items inside cool.

    Large storage capacity up to 16.5 liters*5

    The Philips LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G can hold a large amount of food and liquid. With a capacity of 16.5 liters, it can store 27 cans of beverage (330ml), or 15 bottles of water (550ml)*5. This makes it great for road trips, commercial trucking, camping and other outdoor activities.

    Dual modes for powerful cooling or energy saving

    Do you need your thermal box cooled quickly? Then select HH mode to use the full power of the refrigeration system. Need to keep items cool, but not in a hurry to reduce the temperature? Then select ECO mode to save energy, it consumes less than 1kWh per week.*6

    Easy to use with touch control and LCD display

    With a quick touch of the control panel, you can set the temperature, select battery protection mode, and choose between full power and ECO mode. The LCD display also helps you easily check the temperature, even when it’s dark.

    Operates quietly at less than 45 decibels*7

    The Philips LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G has been designed to operate at less than 45 decibels, which is comparable to the background noise in a quiet suburb. So it is unlikely to disturb you while you drive or rest in your vehicle.*7

    Slide-proof pads keep device securely in position

    So you don’t damage your vehicle, the device, or its contents, the LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G is equipped with slide-proof pads on the base. This means you can easily install it where it’s convenient for you (such as in the boot), because it's not easy to slide around as you accelerate, corner and brake.

    Designed to withstand shakes and up to 40° tilts*8

    The LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G is designed for the reality of the road. It is built to withstand the shakes and vibrations of bumpy roads. Plus, it can cope with very steep inclines, up to 40° (which means it can cope with the steep roads on the planet). It’s so tough you can even use your thermal box when driving off-road.*8

    Prevents your car battery from draining

    There is no point enjoying chilled food and drink to find your car battery is dead as a result. With a 3-level (high, medium or low) battery protection function, the LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G is designed not to deplete your vehicle's battery. The device will detect the DC voltage and automatically shut off the compressor when it reaches a cut-off value, protecting your battery.

    Works safely with 12V cars and 24V trucks

    The Philips LUMTB5101/LUMTB5101G is compatible with the power outputs of different vehicles. So whether you’re in a 12V car or a 24V truck, you can safely use the thermal box to store the items at just the right temperature.

    Technical Specifications

    • Product description

      Automatic On/Off
      Power [W]
      Refrigerant type
      Noise level (db)(GB/T std)
      Operation mode
      Battery protection
      3 levels
      Voltage [V]
      Storage bin dimensions(mm)
      Refrigerant weight(g)
    • Performance

      Temperature range
      down to -22°C
      Climate class
      SN N ST T
      Cooling time from 20C to 0C
      15 minutes
      Freezing time from 20C to -10C
      20 minutes
      Tilt angle
    • Logistic data

      Quantity in box
      Ordering code GOC
      Ordering Entry
    • Accessories

      Power cable and length
      3.5 m
    • Weight and dimensions

      Box dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
      685 x 470 x 400
      Product dimensions (WxDxH)(mm)
      Product gross weight
      Box weight (incl. product)
      12 kg

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    • 1 Monitor thermal box fast cooling time from 20°C to 0°C in 15 minutes and freezing time from 20°C to -10°C in 20 minutes. Tested by inhouse lab with an environment temperature at 20°C, on an empty thermal box . Applies to thermal box. Temperature drop of content will vary.
    • 2 Monitor thermal box temperature display when it's powered off. Tested by inhouse lab on a fully loaded thermal box with an environment temperature at 32°C, turning off the power once the box reached a temperature of -20°C. Applies to thermal box. Temperature drop of content will vary.
    • 3 Sources regarding safe storage temperatures for breast milk: Human milk storage guidelines by CDC USA.
    • 4 Temperature range: down to -22°C Monitor thermal box temperature range. Tested by inhouse lab with an environment temperature at 20°C, on an empty thermal box, measuring the temperature drop curve.
    • 5 Actual storage capacity measured by inhouse lab.
    • 6 DC power supply to monitor thermal box ECO mode power consumption Tested by inhouse lab with an environment temperature at 25°C, on an empty thermal box, setting the temperature to -20°C and measuring 1 working cycle power consumption. 1 week power consumption based on driving 2.2 hours per day.
    • 7 Noise level tested by inhouse lab with an environment temperature at 25 °C and working in HH mode.
    • 8 Tested by internal lab, by tilting the thermal box at an angle of 40° for 2 mins when the device is powered. Use sealed containers to avoid spills.
    • 9 Sources regarding safe storage temperatures for insulin: Storage of insulin by Consumer Medsafety.org Please always check the drug label/instructions to find out the specific storage conditions.
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