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    PC Camera

    Simply superiour performance!

    The SPC610NC is more than just a quality webcam. Thanks to the built-in keyboard light, you can comfortably use your laptop in low light. It is lightweight, portable and features a flexible gooseneck stem for easy positioning and storage. See all benefits

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Simply superiour performance!

Mobile video chatting

  • VGA (640x480) @ 30 fps video quality

    VGA (640x480) resolution at 30 frames per second video quality

  • SVGA photo resolution for sharp images

    The SVGA resolution of your snapshots ensures sharp images for use in documents, webpages and e-mails.

  • Go face-to-face with free instant messaging services

    Add video to Yahoo!, MSN and AOL Messenger. This PC Camera also works with Windows Messenger and NetMeeting.

  • Keyboard illumination for working in low light

    Lights, camera, action! The webcam's handy built-in light can be used to illuminate your laptop's keyboard, making working in dimly lit areas more enjoyable. It also makes video chatting in low light possible.

  • Sliding lens cover protects your camera when not in use

    A sleeve on the webcam's body smoothly slides over the lens when the webcam is not in use for extra protection. The cover also slides down to reveal and activate the handy keyboard light.

  • Bendable gooseneck for easy positioning

    The bendable gooseneck stem plugs straight into the USB connector on your laptop or notebook and makes it easy to set the webcam to the ideal position. It also curls up for maximum portability, and it will not get tangled in your laptop bag.

  • V(ideo)Launch software

    Sofware for capturing, managing and archiving snapshots and video clips in a very convenient way. With just a couple of mouse clicks you will able to create and send Video mails. This software package provides all you need to take fully advantage of your Philips PC Camera.

  • XP Plug & Play

    If you're a Windows XP end-user, you do not need to install product drivers before starting to use this PC peripheral / product.

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