Power strip

    Power strip

    Power Strip

    Expand from 1 grounded outlet into 7. Designed with convenience this power strip offers an on/off switch with built in 15 amp circuit breaker. See all benefits

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Power Strip

Expand your number of outlets

  • Expands 1 grounded outlet into 7

    A power multiplier that expands 1 grounded outlet in to 7 grounded outlets by plugging directly into the wall

  • Master on/off switch

    This master switch controls power to the outlets on the power multiplier

  • 15 amp circuit breaker

    Safeguards against overburdening the power multiplier by sensing when the connected equipment is drawing more electricity than the power multiplier can handle. It then disconnects from the power, guarding against electrical fires.

  • 7 outlets

    Converts one outlet into seven outlets allowing you to plug in multiple devices from one single AC outlet.

  • 3 ft power cord

    Provides power to the unit which can be 3 feet from the AC outlet.

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