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    My Philips Humidifier does not humidify the air

    Updated on 2021-07-04

    If your Philips Humidifier does not humidify the air (or you notice that the humidity indication does not change), please find here how to simply solve this yourself.

    The room is too big

    There is a maximum room size that your Philips Humidifier can humidify. If you exceed the recommended room size for your specific humidifier model, the indication will not change since your humidifier will not be able to provide the expected results.

    Please find the recommended room size for your specific humidifier model below:

    For HU4803: 25 m2 / 269 ft2
    For HU4813: 44 m2 / 474 ft2

    The humidification filter is not correctly assembled

    The humidification filter should be assembled around the filter support. Your humidifier cannot function without it. Please make sure this is the case.


    The image below does not apply to HU59xx humidifier models.

    Humidification filter in Philips Humidifier

    Doors or windows are open

    When windows or doors are open, the humidity from your Philips humidifier will not remain in the room.

    Please close the doors and windows.

    The humidity level is 70% or more

    Your Philips Humidifier is designed to automatically switch off once the 70% RH (Relative Humidity) level is reached. The reason for this is that humidity above 70% is not comfortable for the users.

    In this case, you should not worry, there is nothing wrong with your Philips Humidifier.

    The humidification filter is dirty

    When the humidification filter is dirty, your humidifier cannot humidify.

    To solve this, please rinse the humidification filter (it should be cleaned every week). If the scale has formed, descale it.


    Your humidifier has an advanced cold evaporation system, which produces healthy humid air from the outlet area without the formation of water mist. The water vapor is invisible to human eyes and does not wet the floor or desktop.

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