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    My Philips Soup Maker selected mode light does not go on

    Published on 29 March 2023
    If the selected mode light, of your Philips Soup maker, does not turn on, read the article below for possible causes and solutions.
    1. There is a connection problem. Check if the small plug is inserted in the appliance properly and if mains plug is inserted in the wall socket properly. Remove the plugs and reinsert them.    
    2. The motor unit has not been placed onto the jug properly. Make sure motor unit connector and the jug connector are aligned before you lower the motor unit into the jug.
    3. You have exceeded the MAX indication in the jug. Remove some of the ingredients and make sure the ingredients are spread evenly over the bottom of the jug.

    If none of the above helped solve the issue, please contact us for further assistance.
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