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    My Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband is not working

    Published on 2021-09-20
    If your headband is not working or turning on try our troubleshooting tips to solve this issue.
    If the headband indicator is solid orange while not on the charger, the headband is not fully charged.
    Ensure that the headband is charged by plugging it into the wall outlet. The status indicator light will be a solid green if it is fully charged. It will go off 30 minutes after it’s fully charged as it goes into power-save mode. To check the charging status, simply press the power button for 1 second to “wake” the device. 
    If the headband indicator light pulses green and orange, a headband error has occurred. If the green/orange pulsing light is displayed for longer than 5 seconds, press the power button for 1 second to clear the error. If the green/orange pulsing light continues, contact customer care for support.
    When wearing the device check to see if you get the “happy sound” indicating that the device is seated correctly for use.
    • Ensure that the front sensor is in the middle of your forehead 
    • The strap is tightened correctly so the headband fits snugly and comfortably over your head
    • The sensor behind your ear is seated properly and securely (If you have a SmartSleep Headband 2.0, there is not a sensor located behind your ear)

    The product is designed so that the sounds are not noticed during sleep. The volume is calibrated so that it should not wake you up. To verify that the headband is working, you can view the connection status in your app at any time during use and your Sleep Boost time the next morning.

    Alternatively, you can also press the power button for one second to hear the connection tone – a “happy sound sequence” and confirm that it is connected correctly.

    If you have tried the advice above but your headband is still not working then please contact us for further help. 

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