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    My Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band does not feel comfortable

    Published on 2021-06-17
    If your Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relied Band does not feel comfortable, do not worry. Follow our tips and advice on making the band more suitable for you.
    When you start using the SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band, you will need to find a good position to place it below your chest, so that it feels comfortable and is effective.
    Center the pouch with the sensor in front of your torso, just below your chest. Fully push the clip of the strap into the loop to securely fasten it. You can adjust the length of the strap with the strap adjuster. The strap should feel snug but comfortable around your chest.
    Positioning the SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band
    If you are a first-time user of the SmartSleep Snoring Relied Band you should allow some adjustment time to get used to it. The adaption phase has 7 sleep sessions, in which the sensor will gradually increase the frequency and intensity of the vibrations. This means that you will not always get a vibrations when you lay on your back.
    The sensor shows a small dot on the left side of the display to indicate that the adaptation phase is active.
    By the 8th sleep session the adaption phase is over and your snoring relief band will start vibrating every time you lay on your back.
    If you still find the product uncomfortable to use then please contact us for further support.

    Adaptation phase
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