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    The display of my Philips Pasta Maker shows incorrect or no amount of flour

    Updated on 2022-03-22
    If your Philips Pasta Maker does not weigh the amount of flour or if the weighed amount of flour is incorrect, please read on to solve this.

    Not on a flat surface

    Place the Pasta Maker on a flat and stable surface. Ensure that the device is not standing on its power cord.

    The flour is filled before the scale is ready

    Before filling in the flour into your Pasta Maker, wait until "000" is shown on the display. If you fill in the flour before, the scale is not calibrated yet and cannot weigh the flour correctly.

    The feet are not inserted properly

    Lift the Pasta Maker and slightly push all 4 feet into the device to make sure they are correctly in place.

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