Head to toe manscaping tips for all-over grooming

You can control many things in your life, but you can’t control how naturally hairy you are. For every baby-faced Peter Pan, there’s a Teen Wolf with a body shaver tucked away in the bathroom cabinet. That’s where ‘manscaping’ comes in. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to tame your natural hairiness so that your look is more Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and less, you know, actual wolverine.


Here’s a quick guide to head-to-toe manscaping from the men’s grooming experts here at Philips Norelco. Whether you’re going for natural-but-kept or bodybuilder-style-smoothness, find all the need-to-know info on how to manscape your body hair below.

The golden rules of manscaping:

  • Before and after care matters. Cleanse, exfoliate, shave, rinse, moisturize – in that order. It keeps your skin healthy and looking great.
  • Heat is your friend. Opens up pores, so the hair can go quietly. Apply a hot towel before you shave or do it right after you jump out of the shower.
  • Sharp, clean blades. This is a particular problem for manual razors, which can get dull in as little as five uses compared to a quality bodygroomer’s 4 months-to-two-years. Clean any tools you use regularly, and replace heads as needed.
  • Use a clear shaving gel. Successful manscaping depends on good visuals – a clear gel lets you see what’s going on when you’re doing a wet shave.
  • Use a tool designed for body grooming. Cuts, rashes, ingrown hairs – manual razors can do a lot of damage over the years. Electric bodygroomers and body hair trimmers are better for your skin, faster to use, and better at shaping.
  • Balance is key. If you have very hairy arms, don’t sport a mysteriously hair-free chest. Maintain the balance.
Finally: pause regularly to check your progress. You can remove hair in a matter of moments, and then spend months growing the other half of your treasure trail back. 

How to do manscaping: Head-to-toe body hair removal for men

Here’s a quick reference guide for men’s hair removal – click through to find the best way to manscape your chosen area, or to check out some handy manscaping tools.s.


Once you know how to manscape your chest hair, the main challenge is resisting the urge to create amusing shapes. It’s that easy. As with your back, comb the hair before you start. Then have a think about the style you want – a close shave for a smooth chest, or a trim for a slightly-tamed natural look?


Once you’re clear on where you’re removing hair and where you’re leaving it, start trimming (against the grain is fine here), starting with the longest setting and moving on to the closer shave if needed.


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Shoulders and back

There’s no shame in a hairy back. It’s just all that testosterone doing what it does best. But a bit of a trim can help muscles stand out – that’s what most manscaping is about. First, comb through the hair to keep it from snagging, then use an adjustable long-handled trimmer to trim the larger areas, moving on to the tighter nooks afterwards. In this case, it’s best to go against the grain to get a close shave.


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Treasure trail

Or happy trail, garden path – whatever you call the hair that runs from your belly button down to below your belt. Careful planning can help you nail this. Figure out if you want a clean line or a gentle gradation, then use a white eyeliner pencil to sketch it out. You can do it freehand if you’re an old manscaping pro, but symmetry is much easier with a guide.


Using a body trimmer, groom the large areas first on the shortest setting, then as you get closer to your desired line, gradually use longer settings for a natural look. It’s best to go with the grain first, then against the grain for a closer shave.


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Downstairs – manscaping the groin

Very much optional, but if you do feel the need to tidy things up down there, here’s how to manscape the groin area the right way. First, comb through the hair to remove knots. Then, pull the skin taut and start shaving with light strokes: first with the grain, then against.


Take your time, try not to go over the same area too much, and avoid sensitive areas. Patience – and caution – is a virtue when it comes to manscaping. As with your treasure trail, don’t forget to use the length settings on your trimmer to get a natural fade, unless you’re going for some expert-level design work.


Try: Philips Norelco Bodygroom series 7000 – this is specifically designed to help you take on sensitive areas easily and safely.

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So, that’s how to do manscaping – all you need to know about sculpting your body hair for a natural yet tamed look. Feeling brave enough to go bare all over? Read our guide …