Patient preparation and recovery bay

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A personalized environment for positive distraction and active relaxation.

Reducing patient stress

Patients often experience high levels of stress prior to a medical procedure, especially a cardiac catheterization 1,2,3. Invasive procedures requiring full anesthesia can cause considerable psychological distress, but so can non-invasive scans3 for which the outcome is unknown. Positive distraction and active relaxation help patients remain calm so they can more comfortably pass the waiting time.

Supports clinical workflow by managing the healthcare environment

We have identified four ambient lighting modes that support each step in your workflow:


  1. Arrival: a welcoming personalized theme is selected based on the patient’s preference
  2. Preparation: task lights support the staff when preparing the patient for the procedure
  3. Recovery: a soft ambient lighting that shapes the recovery environment
  4. Housekeeping: the bay is brightly lit to facilitate cleaning prior to hosting the next patient


To personalize the patient experience, a control panel offers access to engaging ambient themes, including ambient lighting around the canopy and headwall. In addition, the staff can easily vary the brightness of the integrated task lighting.

1. Welcoming personalized theme
2. Task lights for patient preparation
3. Ambient Lighting following the procedure
4. Bright light for housekeeping

Broad application of the patient journey in your hospital

The preparation/recovery bay is appropriate for a range of healthcare environments 
including cardiology, diagnostic radiology, general surgery, ambulatory surgery, and general procedure rooms to provide an enhanced experience for patients, family and staff.

1  Carroll, Diane L., et al., Non-pharmacological interventions to reduce psychological stress in patients undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterization: a rapid review,  European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2017, Vol. 16(2) 92-103 ©The European Society of Cardiology.

 Nekouei, Zohreh Khayyam, et al., Comparing anxiety in cardiac patients candidate for angiography with normal population. ARYA Atherosclerosis Journal 2011. 7(3): 93-96.

 Delewi, Ronak, et al., Anxiety levels of patients undergoing coronary procedures in the catheterization laboratory. International Journal of Cardiology. 228 (2017) 926-930.

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