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    Best way to brew coffee at home


    It’s no secret that coffee lovers view their coffee as more of a daily ritual than a mere caffeine boost. If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, understanding how to brew coffee is an essential skill. And with so many different ways to make coffee at home, it can be confusing to know what’s the best way to brew a cup of joe.


    This article will explain the best way to make coffee at home through a variety of methods. Discover the best temp to brew coffee at, the correct coffee brewing ratio, and tips to ensure delicious coffee with every cup.

    1. Automatic drip coffee machine


    If you want to know how to make good coffee at home that is consistent, easy, and can make multiple servings, this technique is a great one to start with. The key to flavorful coffee with an automatic drip coffee machine is in the grind, effective cleaning, and the water. 


    Start by filling the water reservoir with cold water that has gone through a basic water filter. Try to avoid using distilled water, as the lack of minerals will take away from some of the flavor. Use the markings on your coffee machine to measure the water for how many cups you want to make. Note that the standard coffee-to-water ratio is about 2 tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water! 


    Helpful hack: If you’re using whole beans, try to grind them as close to brewing time as possible for optimal taste and freshness. 


    Place your filter in the basket if it doesn’t already come with a reusable filter. Grind your fresh beans until they are roughly the size of sand and add the grounds to the filter. Turn on the machine and wait about three to five minutes for the water to drip through the grounds and into the pot. After you’ve made your hassle-free cup of coffee, all that’s left to do is enjoy! 


    Barista tip: Use fresh beans and rinse your paper filters with hot water before use to ensure you remove any chemicals before brewing. 

    2. French press


    Many say that French press is the best way to brew coffee. Since French press doesn’t use filters, it allows bits of coffee grounds to seep in to the coffee, which can create a much fuller, smoother, and richer taste. 


    To make French press coffee, heat a pot of water to a boil and let it sit for 30 seconds. The ideal coffee brewing temperature for water when making French press is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so make sure that the water is just approaching a boil before you take it off the stove. 


    Helpful hack: Aim for a coarse grind size that has the consistency and size of sea salt!  


    Add your ground coffee into the bottom of the French press and slowly pour in the water. Place the lid and the plunger on the French press and allow it to sit just above the water and coffee for a few minutes. Slowly press the plunger down to push the grounds to the bottom and watch as your French press fills with delicious, rich coffee. 


    Barista tip: If you don’t drink the coffee immediately, pour it into another recipient. Otherwise the coffee will continue to brew and become bitter.

    3. Italian moka pot


    Another common technique when it comes to how to make coffee at home is with an Italian moka pot. The moka pot works by passing boiling water through coffee grounds at high pressure. Just as with a French press, the best temp to brew coffee in a moka pot is around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 


    If you want to know how to make good coffee at home with a moka pot, remember to keep your grounds fresh and clean the pot regularly. Fill the base of the pot with filtered water to make the taste of the coffee even better. Add the ground coffee into the metal filter basket and screw on the top. 


    Helpful hack: Aim for coffee grounds that are slightly coarser than espresso but finer than what you would use for a French press. 


    Place the moka pot on the stove and wait until you hear the coffee start to come out of the spout with a puffing sound. Once the steam from the pot turns light in color, you can remove it from the heat and serve.  


    Barista tip: Do not tamp the grounds! They should be loosely packed to avoid over extraction and bitter coffee.

    4. Manual espresso machine and fully automatic coffee machine


    A certain level of expertise is required to use a manual espresso machine: you must set the water temperature, clean the portafilter, correctly tamp the coffee, and in some cases, grind the coffee yourself. It can take a bit of trial and error to determine grounds that are not too coarse and not too fine. Likewise, you must tamp the grounds just right to avoid extracting too quickly or not extracting enough. 


    Helpful hack: For the best results when using a manual espresso machine, pre-heat the portafilter by running hot water through it!

    The best way to make coffee at home to satisfy your caffeine cravings!


    There you have it: the best way to make coffee at home. Now that you know the different ways to make coffee at home, as well as the ideal coffee brewing temperature and coffee brewing ratio, you can enjoy delicious coffee every morning.

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