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How to trim a mustache

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With Movember firmly planted in the calendar of beard culture, the mustache seems to be back to stay. As a temporary novelty or a year-round lifestyle, men keep going for the mo’.

Mustache styles come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re aiming for a slimline Clark Gable or a full Tom Selleck chevron, the basics of how to grow a mustache remain the same for all types of mustaches.

Ready to get started? Here are the essential steps for creating the best mustaches for any face:

How to grow a mustache

Before we begin, some basic prep. Make sure your beard is at least 1 cm long so that you have something to work with. For a smoother grooming experience, you’re going to want a dry face and beard, with no shaving cream to obscure what you’re doing (this is how bad mustaches happen).

It’s also important to know which of the many mustache styles you’re shooting for. When in doubt, the natural mustache compliments most.
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1. Shape your mustache

Use a beard and mustache trimmer with a precision attachment to make a gentle curve under your nose. Trim the hair above your upper lip to create a clean line. Then trim the ends of your mustache outwards, from the edge of your lips.

2. Trim your beard to reveal your mustache

If you’ve let your whole beard grow to create your mustache, it’s time to trim it away to make your mustache stand out proud. Use a beard trimmer to remove it. Watch the video above to see how it’s done.

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3. Shave closely

Unless you’re going for the ‘stached stubble, give yourself a clean shave with whatever style of electric shaver or razor you prefer. (If you have an issue with razor burn, remember: best not to apply too much pressure or go for too close a shave.)
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4. Maintain your ‘stache

Use wax or pomade to tame your mustache, if required, and trim it regularly to keep it tidy.

Once you know how to grow and trim a mustache, remember: your chosen mustache style speaks volumes. If you’re not happy with what yours is saying, try out something else – like a handlebar.

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