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Feel more rested and refreshed without changing how long you sleep1

70% of users reported feeling less tired during the day2

SmartSleep with sensor
Wearable sleep headband and mobile app clinically proven to improve the quality of your sleep
Increases your energy in the same sleep time
Developed with doctors and researchers
For people who typically sleep < 7 hours per night
Drug-free sleep enhancement technology
 Self-adhesive SmartSleep sensors can be used 1-3 times3
Suggested retail price:
1, 2 When used for 2 weeks in people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle
3 SmartSleep comes with 30 sensors

Created by sleep experts. Proven by sleep science

Designed in collaboration
with doctors and researchers
Founded in 10 years of deep sleep research by industry leading experts
Supported by 4 years of Philips research and development
From a health tech leader in innovation for 130 years
Clinical approval

Clinically proven to help users 3:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase energy
  • Boost alertness 
  • Reduce daytime sleepiness

When used for 2 weeks in people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle

SmartSleep is for people who:

  • Are between the ages of 18 and 50
  • Sleep less than 7 hours per night due to lifestyle
  • Have no issues falling or staying asleep
  • Sleep well when they are asleep


Note: Sensing accuracy and product performance is lower in people over age 50 due to a natural reduction in slow wave amplitude. Volume does not exceed 80dB. People with hearing impairment unable to hear 80dB will not benefit from SmartSleep

SmartSleep doesn't:

  • Help you fall asleep
  • Help you stay asleep
  • Prolong your deep sleep
  • Help with existing sleep conditions such as insomnia, restless legs or sleep apnea

See how it works: connected sleep headband & app

Beyond sleep tracking, SmartSleep headband and sleep app is a complete solution that actively improves your sleep. Some users feel the benefits as early as the first night, and 80% report positive results in the first two weeks of use.
Using SmartSleep thumbnail 1
Two small sensors from the headband, detect when you are in deep sleep, or “slow wave sleep”.
Using SmartSleep thumbnail 2
Once in “slow wave sleep”, SmartSleep triggers quiet audio tones to boost these slow waves, thus improving quality of sleep.
Using SmartSleep thumbnail 3
Monitors your level of sleep from moment to moment and responds in real time.
Using SmartSleep thumbnail 4
Every night, SmartSleep’s proprietary algorithm customizes the timing and volume of tones to your sleep pattern.
Using SmartSleep thumbnail 5
Every morning, the SleepMapper App will show you your sleep metrics and your sleep boost score.
Using SmartSleep thumbnail 6

Volume is controlled not to wake you up, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are off when device is being worn.

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What are slow waves?

Key sleep waves that are critical to restorative, quality sleep

Our bodies cycle through different types of sleep at night: rapid-eye movement (or REM), and non-REM sleep, which has three stages.

When your body is in the third stage of non-REM – deep sleep – your heartbeat and breathing slow to their lowest levels and muscles relax. This is the most restorative stage of sleep often called “slow wave sleep”.
See how slow waves enhance your deep sleep

Philips SmartSleep Sensors

Experience the sleep sensing technology of SmartSleep


SmartSleep uses dual sensors for highly accurate tracking that is critical to the technology. Each self-adhesive SmartSleep Sensor lasts between 1 and 3 nights of use, depending on factors such as skin conditions and time between usages, when properly applied and stored. Headband comes with 30 sensors, replenishments sold separately.

Track your sleep improvement with SleepMapper mobile app

iPhone 7 Sleep Graph
Overall sleep score summary
iPhone 7
Detailed view of nightly metrics
The SleepMapper mobile app tracks your sleep patterns over time, measures key metrics and shows the slow wave boost you get from SmartSleep each night.

Sync the app to your headband each morning to see the enhancement given each night.
If you are looking for information about CPAP, please visit the Philips DreamMapper site.

Doctor or clinician?

Click here › to learn more about the science behind SmartSleep

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