Sonicare Essence+ Sonic electric toothbrush

1 mode, 1 brush head HX3211/23

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What is the Philips Sonicare toothbrush Quadpacer?

Wondering where exactly your Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush needs to be during a brushing sessions? The Quadpacer helps you out.

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The Quadpacer takes the guesswork out of when to move the brush from the outside of the teeth to the inside, and from the upper teeth to the lower teeth. It beeps at 30-second intervals during the 2-minute brushing period, telling you when to move the toothbrush to the next section, thus making sure that you brush all sections of your mouth evenly and thoroughly.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX3211/23 , HX9882/12 , HX3281/32 , HX3211/30 , HX7002/43 , HX7001/11 , HX7012/90 , HX7012/11 , HX7011/90 , HX7011/11 , HX7003/12 , HX7002/90 , HX7002/11 , HX6902/02 , HX7990/02 , HX6942/10 , HX6982/10 , HX7011/82 , HX7351/02 , HX7003/16 , HX9882/33 , HX7361/72 , HX9552/02 , HX7002/82 , HX7012/82 , HX7001/82 , HX3211/17 , HX3211/33 , HX6911/02 , HX6932/10 . more less

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