Avent DECT-baby monitor

100% private, no interference, Crystal clear sound, Night time friendly mode, Starry night light projector SCD730/86

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Philips Avent Baby monitor work during a power outage?

The Philips Avent Baby monitor will only work during a power outage if you have inserted charged batteries in your baby unit and if the parent unit is sufficiently charged. Remember to restart the baby unit after a power outage by pressing the power button.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD730/86 , SCD720/86 , SCD630/37 , SCD501/10 , SCD560/10 , SCD570/10 , SCD603/10 , SCD600/10 , SCD535/00 , SCD525/00 , SCD510/00 , SCD530/00 , SCD520/00 , SCD589/54 , SCD590/54 . more less

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