Avent Spout Cup

My Easy Sippy, 9oz/260ml, 12m+, double pack SCF553/22

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this Philips Avent product in the microwave?

The cup itself is microwaveable, the drinking top is not. Take extra care when heating drinks in a microwave. When heating up liquid or food in the microwave, please only place the container without spout, drinking top, handles, and lid. Always stir heated food to ensure even heat distribution and check the temperature before serving.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF553/22 , SCF553/01 , SCF782/22 , SCF551/00 , SCF551/22 , SCF553/00 , SCF553/23 , SCF553/25 , SCF555/13 , SCF555/15 , SCF555/23 , SCF782/10 , SCF782/11 , SCF782/13 , SCF782/15 , SCF782/17 , SCF782/27 , SCF782/28 , SCF782/50 , SCF782/53 , SCF782/54 , SCF782/55 , SCF782/56 , SCF784/00 . more less

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