Lumea Comfort IPL hair removal system

For use on body, 22 minutes to treat lower legs, Lifetime >100, 000 light pulses, Compact corded design SC1981/50

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Philips Lumea all year long?

Yes. You can use your Lumea all year long, including summer. But, if possible, start the treatment in autumn, winter or spring to enjoy a smooth and hair-free summer. There are, however, precautions to be taken before and after tanning. With tanning we mean sunbathing; it is okay to have some sunlight on your skin from being outside.

Take care when tanning

Using Philips Lumea Comfort on skin that has recently been exposed to sunlight, can result in adverse effects such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes. We recommend to not use Philips Lumea Comfort on tanned skin or after sun exposure.
Avoid exposure to the sun for 4 weeks before your treatment with Philips Lumea Comfort. Protect treated areas when you go out into the sun or use a sunblock (+30 SPF) for 2 weeks after the treatment.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC1981/50 .

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