Saeco Xsmall Super-automatic espresso machine

Brews 2 coffee varieties, Classic Milk Frother, Beige, 5 step adjustable grinder HD8645/57

Frequently Asked Questions

A light on my Philips 2000/2100/Xsmall espresso machine is on or flashing.

Your Philips 2000/2100/ Xsmall espresso machine's signal lights function like a traffic light. Please read along for their meaning and solution.

DESCALING light and ON/OFF light are 'steady' on

Descale your machine

Not descaling your machine will ultimately make it stop working properly.


2 CUPS button and ON/OFF light 'flashing slowly'

The machine is programming the amount of coffee to brew

You pressed and held the ESPRESSO button for a few seconds, this started the program function (MEMO function). Press again the ESPRESSO button as soon as the desired amount of coffee is reached.


NO WATER light is 'steady on'

The water level is low

Fill the water tank with fresh water. After you have reinserted the full water tank, the indicator light goes off.


EXCLAMATION light is 'flashing quickly'

The internal water circuit is empty and the machine needs to be primed

Fill the water tank and press the espresso button to prime the circuit.


EXCLAMATION light is 'flashing slowly'

There can be three different causes:

1. The brew group / coffee grounds has not been inserted
Make sure that all components have been inserted and closed correctly. Make sure the brew group is set in the correct position before placing it back.

2. The service door is open
Make sure that the service door is closed correctly.

3. The control dial is not in the correct position for machine operation
Make sure that the control dial is in the correct position for the required action.


EXCLAMATION light is 'steady on'

The coffee grounds drawer is full

Empty the coffee grounds drawer with the machine turned ON.

If the coffee grounds drawer is emptied with the machine turned OFF the coffee cycle counter is not reset. Wait about 5 till 8 seconds before you place the coffee grounds drawer back.


The EXCLAMATION light is 'flashing' and the TEMPERATURE light is 'steady on'

You need to descale the machine

Descale the machine according to the descale instructions.


The EXCLAMATION light and ON/OFF button are 'flashing slowly'

Malfunction of the brew group

  1. Clean the coffee bean funnel
  2. Remove the brew group and clean in

If you cannot take out the brew group, close the service door and turn ON and back OFF the machine. Try again to take out the brew group.


The EXCLAMATION light and ON/OFF button are 'steady on'

The coffee bean hopper is completely empty

Fill the coffee bean hopper with beans.


The DESCALING light is flashing and NO WATER light is 'steady on'

Rinse the water tank and fill it with fresh water up to the MAX level

Complete the descaling procedure till the very end.


The DESCALING light is 'flashing'

The descaling process is activated

Complete the descaling procedure till the very end.

  • Single flashing; machine is in the descaling cycle
  • Double flashing; machine is int he rinsing cycle

ALL lights are flashing 'simultaneously'

The machine has a malfunction

Turn off the machine. After 30 seconds, turn it back on. Try this 2 or 3 times. If the machine does NOT start, please contact our Consumer Care Centre to help you out.


The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8645/57 , HD8645/47 , HD8745/57 , HD8745/47 . more less

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