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    How can I get extra handsets for my Philips phone?

    It is possible to add extra handsets to your Philips phone. Each Philips base station can register a maximum of 4 handsets. See more tips below:

    General information

    • If the handset number displayed is “Handset 4”, no extra handset can be registered anymore unless you unregister one of handsets
    • We recommend getting handsets that are of Philips brand to minimize possible incompatibility issues

    The handsets for this model may not be sold separately. Alternatively, depending on your personal choice, there are options to get extra handsets for the phone:

    Obtain another set of phone with the same model number

    Obtain another set of the phone with the same model number as the label attached on your current set. Register the handset in the new set with the base of the current set.

    This ensures all the features offered by the set are available in the new handset.

    Obtain an extra handset which is GAP compliant

    Obtain a GAP-compliant handset from the market. Register this new handset with the base of your set.

    However, because the model number of the new handset is different from your current set, only the basic functions (such as calling in and out) would be supported. Support of other features of your set is not guaranteed.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: CD1901B/55 , CD1912B/55 , SE8881B/21 , SE8881B/38 , SE8881B/23 , SE8881B/22 , CD1811G/NL , CD1811R/NL , CD3653Q/37 , SE4502B/17 , SE4552B/17 , CD4402B/17 , CD4453Q/37 , CD4454Q/37 , CD4403B/37 , CD4453B/37 , SE7450B/37 , SE7452B/37 , SE7451B/37 , CD4450B/37 , CD4451B/37 , CD4452B/17 , XL3402B/37 , XL3401B/37 , CD4401B/37 , CD4402B/37 , CD4452B/37 , DECT2211G/37 , DECT2252G/37 , DECT2251G/37 , DECT2250G/37 , DECT2251G/17 , DECT2252S/17 , DECT2252G/17 , DECT2251S/17 , DECT2211G/17 , DECT2211S/17 , DECT2250S/17 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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