Swarovski Active Crystals USB memory key

Lock Out, Jet Hematite, 1GB FM01SW81/00

Frequently Asked Questions

My Philips USB flash does not work on Windows Vista

Please download and use the latest version of Carry it Easy:

Open Cososys homepage.

1. Click on the SOFTWARE tab

Installation of Carry it Easy

2. Click on "Carry it Easy"

Installation of Carry it Easy

3. Click on the "Download 30-day trial" button and save the Carryiteasy.exe file to your memory stick

Installation of Carry it Easy

4. Password protection keeps working after the 30-day trial

Installation of Carry it Easy

The information on this page applies to the following models: FM01SW81/00 , FM01SW21/00 , FM01SW21/27 , FM01SW80/00 , FM01SW80/27 , FM01SW20/00 , FM01SW20/27 , FM01SW40/00 , FM01SW40/27 , FM01SW60/00 , FM01SW60/27 . more less

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